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IDEAL Blueprint ($150)

Your customized, 90-day blueprint to improving your diet, exercise and lifestyle. Includes 2 30-minute coaching sessions. 

IDEAL Sleep Hygiene

Improving Diet, Exercise And Lifestyle... by sleeping better! Access your [FREE} mini-ebook and learn how to sleep better tonight!

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6-week, home based strength training program designed for beginners. 

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12-Week IDEAL Nutrition Course

A 12-week nutrition e-course. Learn to meal prep, create your own meal plan and track your macros effectively. 

Sculpted [GYM COVER].png

6-week, gym based strength training program designed for beginner-intermediate lifters. Perfect companion to the Sculpted [Home] program. 

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Shift Differential 

A master class that addresses the unique challenges faced by shift workers. 

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